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Cool White Satin Stock with Jacquard Collar

Cool White Satin Stock with Jacquard Collar

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Nothing can beat the look of a proper stock. Cool White Satin Stock with Jacquard Collar is the epitome of elegance. The Handsome Horse own design looks and ties like a real stock with a traditional knot. The difference being it has a back of neck velcro closure.  Because it stays tied when you put it on and take it off,  it makes it quick and easy, and less stress for you show day! You will have to re-tie after laundering. Traditional stock available also!

Sizes:  LARGE: Standard Adult - neck height 5cm, neck size 33- 37cm

           MEDIUM: Small Adult/ Teen - neck height 4.5cm, neck size 29-35 cm

           SMALL: Child - neck height 3.5cm, neck size 27-32cm

white satin scrunchy matches this perfectly!

Want to know how to tie one?..... go to the blog for full instructions!

Machine Washable Or send your dirty stock back!... with a self addressed reply paid envelope and we will wash, iron, and re-tie free of charge and post it back!

Contact me to Order if SOLD OUT

Pins etc. sold separately