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Take a step up with a traditionally tied stock

Step up another level when it comes to presentation with a traditionally tied stock . That simple elegance will really set you apart. 

Proudly made in house, our own original design has been a popular choice for over 10 years now. Handsome Horse stocks have a traditional knot but have velcro closure at the back of the neck. You can pre-tie so there is no stress on show day. For the purist, we also make the totally traditional style. Sizing from small child, tween/small adult, adult. 

Remember to pin the top corners of your stock ends back near your armholes! This stops the stock from drooping

It may be a  little tricky to master but well worth the practice. You need to do something 21 times consecutively before it becomes second nature . . . so get practicing!

Or send your dirty stock back!... with a self addressed reply paid envelope and we will wash, iron, and re-tie it free of charge and post it back!


Download this to print so you can keep a copy in your show kit for quick reference