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Lavender  Swarovski Pin

Lavender Swarovski Pin

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Very Sparkly Lavender Swarovski Pin with lavender and touch of green crystal centre and clear Crystal surround. 22mm x 22mm

Available as tie tack or magnet style. Magnet style only suitable for removable, repositionable and interchangeable hat trims. Either style suitable for lapel or stock pin. 

Build your own Hat Trim!  Use this one or another to add to magnetized feather trims.   No damage to your hat. Removable, repositionable and  interchangeable hat trims are easy to compose. All You need is a hat and the Hat Trim Base to start building your own unique trim. Swap to and from different hats,  the sky is the limit!

MAGNET WARNING: Magnets may cause interferance with some internal medical devices including pacemakers and may pose potential hazards to patients.