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Riding Crops, the what's what!

There are so many options when it comes to designing your new riding crop or cane. Here is some useful information to help you with your decisions.


Firstly you need to decide on a length. The average crop length is 65cm, but if that doesn't suit, don't worry! You order what is comfortable for YOU and your HORSE. I can do what ever length you need. Keep in mind that there are legal maximum lengths that apply when competing. Different associations have different rules. Here are some of the most relevant.

  • Show Horse Council Australasia - as of January 2024                  

Lead Rein: The handler’s cane to not exceed 40cm. 
First Ridden: Cane to not exceed 40cm.  
Show Horse: Whips must have a leather keeper at least 5cm long and 2cm wide and must not exceed 72cm in length, inclusive of the leather keeper (flap).   
Show Hunter: Crop, Leather or cane and not exceeding 72cm in length, inclusive of leather keeper (flap).   
Working Show Hunter: Whips must be a maximum length of 72cm inclusive of thong and/or lash if a hunt whip is carried.     

  • Equestrian Australia - last updated Jan 2021                                  

In a class the rider or handler must not carry a whip exceeding 75cm in its entirety (including the tassel). Length of whip restriction does not apply when exercising and/or warming up.


The most common colours are Black & Dark Brown. Navy also a nice alternative for show horse and rider class crops. Also consider creams , bananas, & mustards to match your jodphur colour. If you like to stand out in a crowd I have quite a variety of colours available including various shades of red, pink, blue, purple, silver, gold, white, brown and green. Contrast stitching or leather knots is also an option!


All of my tops I hand carve in wax and then have them cast in various metals. They are not plated so can be polished without fear of rubbing back to base alloy. Some tops are not appropriate on shorter whip lengths due to weight. Most tops have a space for engraving preferrably 1 or 2 initials- I do them BIG! ...AND they are complimentary!

The 3 metals I cast in are:
  • Brass (gold tone)
  • White Phosphur Bronze ( silver tone)
  • Phosphur Bronze ( rose gold tone) OR patina treated (dark brown/black)

Deer Antler is hard to source sometimes so it is not always available. Antler is set with a decorative collar (Ferule) available in all the same metal types I use for the whip tops, and can be incorporated with any of the handle types or you can just keep it simple with plain leather.



Oh No! More Choices!


Decoupage is available in any colour scheme and any length handle or as a small bead which sits just above your hand.

Personalised decoupage handle with your own images artisticaly arranged in any colour scheme. Price varies depending on how many photos you require with a maximum of 3. The most ideal photos are portrait aspect and if more than one photo is required they all need to be the same aspect eg: all portrait or all landscape.  Large print quality files are recommended. Names, quotes or messages or things of special significance can also be incorporated. NB: All personalized orders must be paid for in full before production commences



Bamboo can be just plain or I can decorate using pyrography. This can be a name and/or one of my own drawings - let me know if there is something special you want to incorporate. A message or quote is popular for trophy whips. NB: All personalized orders must be paid for in full before production commences

Just a sample of some of the design options

Contrast Leather handle can be same diameter or I can build it up so it has a bigger grip.

Diamonte Mesh Embellishments start as small as 1cm in length. My suggestion is to just have enough to show at the top of the hand. This also minimises wear. Can be used as the only feature or can be incorporated with any of the other handle options          *Due to supply issues diamonte mesh may be unavailable.

All my whips are hand stitched, mostly kangaroo leather, known for its strength and durability.

What's inside?  Fibreglass cores can vary in shape depending on how flexible you want your whip. PLEASE NOTE: There is a trade off! If you want flexibility, you compromise strength.

Beautifully finished stitched Leather flapper is available in a couple of different sizes and shapes.

Leather knots are used to finish off, but are also useful to stop the whip sliding through the hand.

Now its up to you to imagine and decide!

Looking for some more inspiration? Have a look at some of the crops on this website or go on my Instagram page…

Please NOTE: All personalized orders must be paid for in full before production commences