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Mix and Match Hat Trims

From bowlers or top hats, to a favourite paddock basher, it's easy to dress up anything with these magnetic interchangeable hat trim components. Use the one hat with several outfits just by swapping a different trim for each outfit. Get a collection going!

 All the feather components are made in house. There are a few samples on the website to purchase but mostly I make to order. The majority of the feathers are hand dyed and coloured, so matching an outfit is easy!  All shapes and sizes are available. Use your imagination or mine to come up with your next show stopper.

There are also optional leather components you can add which enhance the design. All are made here so its guaranteed to be unique!

If you have a fabric remnant, send it to me! and I can make you something that will co-ordinate your with your outfit. It's ideal for those lead rein handlers that don't have a matching tweed jacket to go with their riders.

The heart of your new feather trim is the centerpiece pin. These can also be swapped and changed from one feather trim to another depending on your outfit. There is a wide selection of magnetic pins to choose from. Here's a tip! You can also use these separately as a stock, tie or lapel pin! Winner!

Finally, you will need a magnetic base for it all to attach. This usually tucks into the inside of the head fitting but can go anywhere inside the hat opposite the preferred position of the feather trim.

Don't be afraid to ask! Be it conservative or crazy, I'm happy to discuss your outfit ideas. Looking for some more inspiration? Have a look at some of the hat trims on this website or go on my Instagram page…

NB: if you would prefer your hat trim to be on a brooch style pin, I'm happy to accommodate that as well.