Smokey Blue Flower Trim

Smokey Blue Flower Trim

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Smokey Blue Flower Trim.  Removable, repositionable and  interchangeable hat trims!

Handmade Navy Smoke & White Magnetized flower  9cm x 9 cm

Removable/interchangeable  centerpeice is not included - please select from available pins.

Use on its own with a magnetic centerpiece pin of your choice or add some magnetized feather trims and or magnetised netting . No damage to your hat.

Can only be used in conjunction with base magnet for it to stay put. You only need one base magnet with as many trim components as you like. Just pile them up!

Image below shows combination of net, flower, pin and feathers. NB: Hat not included.


WARNING: Magnets may cause interferance with some internal medical devices including pacemakers and may pose potential hazards to patients.