Parker Leather Browband

Parker Leather Browband

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Hand carved leather Violet design

Live a little!

Designed and made in house , this exquisite hand stitched leather Parker Leather Browband with optional handmade leather flowers will have everyone talking!

Nice for some of the breed classes or just because you want something darn pretty!  It was in my head so I just had to make it ! !

This browband does not include flower sides as pictured.

NB: Flower sides are sold separately.  They are attached with velcro, so can be taken on & off depending on what your "look" is.  OR Swap from one browband to another.

Gold Carnation Sides pictured 

To check out flower side options, click on the following link.

Made to order in house at The Handsome Horse in any size or colour, with or without removable carnations. Contact me to discuss design options.

For more information go to

A matching jacket lapel would look great too!

NEW! Ask me about removable and interchangeable flags.