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Navy and bronze feather trim with swarovski

Navy & Bronze Feather Trim

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This one has options! Designed to be used alone for a simpler style, this handmade Navy & Bronze Feather Trim with optional magnetic swarovski pin will  jazz up a flat cap or any other untrimmed hat, or use as a corsage on a jacket, dress, or blouse.  If you haven't already got one, all you need is a magnetic hat trim base and your off and running!

Example shown includes this centrepiece,  but is available without. If you want to choose a different style of magnetic pin from our range, they are available to purchase separately.

Approx size: Widest point x Highest point

NB: Will only work in conjunction with a magnetic hat trim base.



WARNING: Magnets may cause interferance with some internal medical devices including pacemakers and may pose potential hazards to patients.